Fergal’s choice of subject in his Irish art paintings encompass a range of imaginative settings drawn from our incomparable cultural heritage and exquisite scenery. His artist’s eye enables him to capture moments in time whether landscape settings extending from the Gap of Dunloe in Kerry to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland as well as a wide collection of depictions of our natural fauna, both wild and domesticated. All these are original Irish paintings, brought to life on canvass by his skilful brushstrokes. Fergal is a highly trained artist, who developed his skills from a very early age, and spent six years studying art in secondary school, scoring an A1 in the final Leaving Certificate examination. He has continued to train since then, completing courses in the Crawford Art Gallery. All his original Irish art paintings are available for purchase. Just get in touch with him about his Irish art for sale (original paintings / sketches) by email at 


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353 87 7914975